Design Leadership for All
Cross-functional relationships
Happier people and teams
Shared problem understanding
Ian Alexander - Sr. Director of Design at Mailchimp
"Ian is an effective and strategic design leader who prioritizes people and business outcomes. He is able to quickly understand complex user ecosystems, competitively interpret opportunities, and bring others along with crafted storytelling."

Brandy Porter - VP, Vox Media
"A one of a kind leader, coach and mentor, Ian has helped me learn many a valuable lesson on how to inspire others, navigate past obstacles and see the bigger picture."

Sasha Tsimbler - Senior Director, Northwestern Mutual
"He will challenge you to see outside of your plan and expose opportunities that you didn't know existed. A true leader, he is someone where you leave feeling smarter and more prepared just by having worked alongside him."

Dan Demole - President, Anthem Music